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It was a brewing vinegar wholesale store that recreated the miso sauce at that time with the founding family of Wakihiko Shoten, which was founded in 1926, and the inside of the store will be a shop that incorporates Japanese taste, making it the first prohibition-free bar in Japan
I was allowed to.


As a shop where you can enjoy Bruno Curry more closely, we have built it as a shop type by changing the operation inside the counter only.


Since 1979, we rebranded the interior of the store like a lounge of a Parisian hotel, which was rare at that time, according to the modern age.


It was the most familiar and at-home home with a focus on Hakata cuisine.


The taste at the time of the foundation of 1930 was utilized as it was, and the inside of the original Tonkatsu Kobayashi shop was recreated and rebranding was possible to convey the taste from the time of its foundation.


Our beef toroyaki shabu specialty shop offers carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef carefully sliced one by one at the shop.
Calculate the heat conduction, roll the vegetables with meat baked on a specially made iron plate, and enjoy with homemade pickled sauce.
Domestic rice cooked in a kettle is also served with meat.

There is a garden on the second floor of the atrium. A space where you can relax and relax.

和韓料理 じゅろく

Based on the concept of "I want to provide Korean food that makes the most of Japanese tradition," we have produced a "Japanese-Korean restaurant" that combines Korean and Japanese food.

n addition to multiplying Japanese miso with the seasoned miso "Tategi", which is the basis of Korean food, Korean food arranged in a Japanese style by combining soup stock based on vegetables, kelp, bonito, etc., amazake, sofrit, etc. Offers.


A Korean restaurant in a great location just a minute's walk from Hankyu Ishibashi Station in Ikeda, Osaka.
A shop that is particular about handmade and ripening all dishes.